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Light and Vision

For forty years we have shared a vision; a passion for the art of light. And for forty years we have crafted our passions and ideas into reality, creating environments and solutions with a unique voice of their own. Defining shape, playing with colour and expressing emotions. Climar has identified its signature brand of design quality through the realisation of ideas, of vision, by lighting the imagination of our designers and artists.

The Climar

Climar is continually evolving to keep its place as a market leading brand, with a relentless drive to find the perfect ratio of Design, Quality, Service and Competitiveness.

This is our philosophy, our passion, our commitment.

We are proud to boast an obsessive eye for detail and quality of finish, combined with a pragmatic touch for simplicity of installation and maintenance.

Although these are the qualities that differentiate us in the market, we believe that our work is always growing and able to be improved and refined. Our path in the future is guided by our commitment to this belief – ensuring the continued evolution of Climar for our clients and partners.

Lighting up the world.

Light is a universal language, a communicator across barriers.

By keeping the customer at the heart of our designs, Climar has become established in markets all over the world. With a strong international sales and service network, we are like light itself… transcending borders through ubiquity; in dialogue and partnership with a multinational customer base.

Tailored design.

Each project has its own demands; and each customer their own needs. Innovation and design are nothing without functionality and practical application. Climar has a profound understanding of light and how it works within a context, enabling us to produce lighting solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients. From increasing productivity in the office, to increasing wellness in a healthcare environment, to inspiring creativity in the art studio.

Climar understands that your needs are unique, special, and that your light needs to be too.


As part of our commitment to responsible industry, Climar has implemented procedures and practices in accordance with NP EN ISO 14000 environmental classification. Abiding by strict guidelines for work conditions, training and management to ensure a reduction of industrial waste and ecological footprint. We are a market-leader when it comes to safe, clean, responsible manufacture.

Light tomorrow
with today.

Climar are proud to celebrate 40 years lighting the world – and look forward to facing the new challenges and partnerships that tomorrow may bring. It is our philosophy to learn from our present as much as from our yesterday, and with Climar LAB we aim to continue to break new ground in lighting design - as we have been doing for four decades.

A new integrated approach to both light and design, a new celebration of innovation and inter-disciplinary collaboration – and a new world to illuminate for Climar.